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TikTok: Let’s Get Inspired

TikTok: Let’s Get Inspired

Posted on May 12, 2021 by Daniel Farrell

TikTok is still the relatively new kid on the student recruitment block so it would be no surprise if you’re yet to try out the platform for yourself. One of the biggest reasons most of our clients are hesitant to use the platform is due to a lack of video content or an uncertainty around whether the content they have would be the right fit for TikTok’s audience

Whilst we are always here to help our clients put together compelling and effective video content it’s also useful to hear what our partners in the media are saying. TikTok for example have put together a Top Ads Studio where you can find a number of ads that have been particularly successful.

You’ll find TikTok Top Ads here:

If you filter by UK and then Education and Training you’ll find a number of prime examples from your colleagues in the sector and see what’s really hitting the right note with potential students in the UK

We’re particularly proud that our client Herford College of Arts (HCA) were recently featured on this very page. They ran a 6sec video with a limited budget and achieved 572,365 impressions, 6,678 clicks and 8,594 likes over the course of 4 weeks

You can see a screenshot directly from TikTok’s top ads page below. It’s also worth pointing out that all ads on this page share these kind of stats so you can properly evaluate their effectiveness and see if some of your favourites we’re equally as admired amongst TikTok’s user base

This campaign by HCA proves that even with limited content you can still put together a short, compelling ad that generate huge engagement amongst your target audience. We’re of course always happy to help run through any ideas you may have and even assist with content and copy creation if this is something you’re looking outsource

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