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The Importance of Measuring

The Importance of Measuring

Posted on June 24, 2019 by Gisela Caruzzi

The key marketing metric for the education industry is conversion performance. It’s not the only one but it is certainly the most important measurement for university & college marketing teams

As student recruitment marketing specialists, we know everyone’s needs are different and help the industry to measure what is important depending on what stage your prospective students are in the funnel. This is the best way to achieve our client’s objectives.

Brand awareness, website traffic and conversions objectives are important for the business, but all of them must be measured with different KPI’s.

Let’s talk about conversions because sometimes this seems to be the most confusing goal with regards to measuring success.

When conversions are the main KPI it is a must to use pixels to know what is working in terms of the CPA, conversion rate and the number of conversions. CTR really shouldn’t be considered when measuring this goal and is starting to become an increasingly antiquated measurement

Below is an example of a campaign we recently ran:

If no pixels were used, we would have tended to think that the keyword with 5.71% CTR was not performing as well as the others in the campaign and that we should rethink the split in spend. However, the keyword with the lowest CTR has a higher conversion rate than the one with 22.22% CTR (which actually didn’t get any conversions) or even the one with 11.97% CTR.

So, to achieve the objectives in the right way, using the appropriate tools is a must in order to measure the correct KPI. If the campaign objective is conversions then a conversion pixel is needed to track, analyse, optimise and have successful results.

Something that usually happens when planning a campaign with clients is that they use a CRM, so at first, they tend to think tracking conversions on the platforms is not necessary. Big mistake. Although a CRM is very important it is not enough. A CRM should work together with Google Analytics and other reporting platforms to get the best results.

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