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Digital marketing solutions

We connect students and educational institutions globally




Edumobile is Educate’s exclusive mobile marketing solution. It delivers high quality, engaging mobile campaigns for educational institutions. With targeting based on mobile DNA, we reach the right users, building highly relevant traffic for your campaign.

Mobile generates qualified clicks through display ads, SMS, push notifications, in-game ads, snapshots and rich media. Edumobile works to a no-wastage policy, running on a CPC basis to guarantee engagement for your budget.


Edunamic is our bespoke prospecting and re-targeting real-time bidding platform. Self-learning and education specific, it targets based on user behaviour, interests and location as well as site content. Using multiple ad exchanges, Edunamic strategically bids for ad space against targeted audiences. The software responds to results in each market, optimising automatically to generate maximum engagement.

Your ad will be only be displayed in the most relevant environments. Edunamic learns, targeting sites that engage your audience whilst blacklisting sites that don’t. Our team regularly research the best sites on the market, analysing cost against the return to ensure maximum ROI for our clients’ budgets.


Educate has long standing and exclusive partnerships with and the ACCA, representing its entire media inventory. We exploit our deep knowledge of these premium sites to deliver outstanding results for educational institutions globally.

BBC is the most trusted news source in the world.

It opens the door to world class content and a hard-to-reach, unduplicated audience, offering 1.8 billion page views per month and an average of 8 minutes per visit.  “Worthy Achievers” and “Culturally Curious” audience segments share characteristics such as high levels of wealth, education and a global perspective.

Uniquely, Educate can tap into learnings and case studies from literally hundreds of student recruitment campaigns in the UK and Europe. We offer clients competitive rates on as well as unlocking the ‘hidden jewels’ of editorial content and clever targeting.

Targeting options across include behavioural, demographic, contextual, and emotive along with custom targeting solutions to meet the needs of your specific campaign.


With 200,000 members worldwide, the ACCA is the largest accountancy organization in the world.

It’s a fantastic asset for global PG recruitment. ACCA members are three times more likely to apply to do an MBA than a reader of the Economist. 87% of ACCA members are keenly interested in PG study (Source: British Business Survey 2012). We offer access to ACCA media products at highly competitive prices. Our in-depth knowledge of their inventory ensures pin-sharp targeting in a relevant, content-rich environment to engage your audience and maximise your ROI.


Educate guarantees visibility when your audience searches using keywords related to your brand or programmes. We carefully select keywords to reach your most relevant audience at the most competitive price possible, constantly refining to expand the reach of your campaign.

  • Gain prospects, increase visibility and maximise conversions.
  • Reach the right people at the right time.
  • Only pay for engagement your campaign generates.

Services include:

Bid Management
Keywords research


Social Media is an incredibly effective tool for prospecting students. It can promote different aspects of your institution to different audiences at different stages of the recruitment cycle. Carefully tailored messaging can drive students further down your conversion funnel towards landing pages and open day sign-up.

It’s invaluable for branding, event promotion, enquiry generation, and of course conversion.

We create successful campaigns on:



To increase conversions, it’s vital to understand your conversion funnel.

Automation allows us to do this, tracking customer interaction with each element of your campaign. Our team monitor activity, automate key conversion elements and make adjustments in real time based on accurate data and performance.

Automation means full visibility of the customer journey from click to conversion, with full device visibility and user analytics.

Automation services include:

Full integration of your campaigns
Multiscreen tracking
Behavioral based Emails
Dynamic forms built for conversion
Landing pages

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