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Clearing: What’s New?

Clearing: What’s New?

Posted on August 14, 2018 by Daniel Farrell

We’ve run hundreds of clearing campaigns over the years but no two campaigns we’ve ever run have ever been the same. Clients needs and objectives change each year but also do the the platforms and tools on offer to us. Here are just a few we’ll be using for our clients this week and beyond that have got us particularly excited!


The time that we spend on our mobiles is on the rise and on the rise fast. 65% of Google searches are now done on mobile and you can rest assured that a large percentage of students going through clearing this week will be evaluating their options on their smartphone. Our ability to effectively engage your target audience through our mobile platform has never been better with mobile display, behavioural push notifications & video forming the crux of our clearing campaigns this year. The Americans have been ahead of the curve on mobile for a while now but Educate plan on changing that!


When Snapchat opened up it’s ad manager to SMB’s in June last year the gates were thrown wide open for universities & colleges to use the platform in exciting and affordable ways. The ability to create your own geo-filters has allowed us the ability to brand organic snap ads with university logos and combining this with the ability to run ads between Snapchat stories means we can engage with students on results day as group of students share the (hopefully!) good news with their friends


The way we can target potential students on Spotify has become ever more sophisticated recently with the introduction of “streaming intelligence”. We know what our target audience is listening to, when they’re listening to it and what they’re listening to it on. We can use a mixture of overlays, video & voice ads to engage on a platform widely used by millenials and becoming the music platform of choice for the vast majority of smartphone users

We’re always on the look out for new and effective ways to engage the student market so get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help you during the next recruitment cycle. You can find out more in our media pack here

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